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At Ristorante Bella Roma we serve up more than authentic Italian food. We create an unforgettable culinary experience that leaves you feeling like you have really dined in Italy. The restaurant pays homage to the essence of the great Italian recipes from Rome, where delicious, homemade food is served and handed down for generations to come. Our staff have a passion for food and people and attend to guests with the kind of warmth, hospitality, and attentiveness, you normally find around the family dinner table. By the end of the meal, we hope you do feel like family. Whether it be your first or 50th time, Chef Giuliani and his team are focused on making each visit and meal a memorable one.

The Heart

of  the Kitchen

Davide Giuliani

Owner & Executive Chef

Davide Giuliani heralds from the heart of Italy itself in Rome. He grew up watching his grandmother cook in the kitchen. She gave him his very first cooking lessons. Growing up in an Italian family, where everything centered around food, Giuliani couldn’t help but develop a passion for cooking. This passion led him to further his homegrown education by attending pastry school and earning his sommelier certification while living in Rome. Giuliani’s cooking ambitions later brought him to the Unites States where he traveled and worked in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. After settling in Helena, Giulliani opened Ristorante Bella Roma and finally realized his long-held dream of opening his own restaurant and bringing authentic Italian fare to Montana.


Matt Allgood

Head Chef / Kitchen Manager

Originally from Idaho, Matt Allgood has been the head chef and kitchen manager at Bella Roma for the past three years. He admits that he’s long held a passion for food because of its endless possibilities. And while he has studied many kinds of cooking from different parts of the world throughout his career, learning more about Italian cuisine was something he immediately embraced at Bella Roma. Prior to Bella Roma, Matt worked as a professional chef for nearly 17 years. During that time he served as the executive and head chef at three restaurants and helped open and operate a forth restaurant for a brief time. For Matt, choosing a favorite item on the Bella Roma menu is an easy one—the Spaghetti Alla Carbonara! In his free time, Matt enjoys camping, fishing, hunting, and sport shooting.

Alexandra Faber

Wine and Beverages Manager/Lead Server

A Helena native, Alexandra Faber has served as the wine and beverages manager and lead server at Bella Roma for the past two years. While she doesn’t have previous restaurant experience, she loves learning new things, interacting with the public, and being surrounded by fine quality food.

Alexandra has a particular interest in Italian wines and is currently pursuing her sommelier certification. She is also currently certified with the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust. Alexandra thrives off of the fast paced environment of Bella Roma and is proud to be helping serve up some of the best food in Montana. Her favorite dish at the restaurant is the Capesante in Padella, which is fresh sea scallops pan seared. When Alexandra is not busy at the restaurant, she enjoys traveling and playing the piano and cello.


Angie Jackson

Sous Chef / Kitchen Manager

A Helena native, Angie Jackson has been a sous chef and kitchen manager at Bella Roma for the past three years. Angie admits that she loves cooking and making people happy through the universal language of food. Over the years, Angie has worked in a variety of restaurants but finally fulfilled a lifelong goal of learning how to make Italian pasta at Bella Roma.

She prides herself on her eye for detail which benefits her in the kitchen as well as her hobby of photography. To Angie, the kitchen crew at Bella Roma feels more like family and she thrives off the pressure and stress of the kitchen environment. Her favorite Bella Roma dish to eat is the fillet while she most enjoys cooking the lamb shank. In her free time, Angie enjoys dabbling in photography and doing anything outside.

Ramona Lewis

Maitre’d / Floor Manager

Born and raised in Germany, Ramona Lewis has been a server at Bella Roma since 2018. Ramona earned a degree in European hotel management and has 15 years of varied restaurant experience. She also has certifications in German wine, beer, and sparkling wine, which comes in handy when making drink recommendations for guests at Bella Roma. She admits that there is never a dull moment at the restaurant but she enjoys the lively and fast-paced atmosphere along with interacting with the guests each night. And while Ramona says it’s impossible to pick a favorite dish on Bella Roma’s menu, she would go with the four course dinner and choose meatballs, Caesar salad, fillet, and chocolate cake. Ramona also has a passion for horses, and when she’s not busy at Bella Roma, enjoys spending time working with her horses and practicing the sport of reining.


Evan Wray

Pantry / Pastry Chef

A California native but largely raised in Helena, Evan Wray has been the pantry/pastry chef at Bella Roma for the past two years. Evan admits that he’s always had a passion for food, and even more so since coming to Bella Roma. Previously, Evan worked as a catering cook for Great Apes Crepes in Helena where he was responsible for cooking the crepe shells. Evan prides himself on his eye for detail and believes that this quality sets his dishes apart. Evan most enjoys the camaraderie and the tight knit family of the Bella Roma staff and that each item is authentic and made from scratch. Evan’s favorite dish to eat at Bella Roma is the Agnello lamb burger because it reminds him of visiting his family in Greece. His favorite dish to make, however, is the crostatina alla crema di limone e Meringa. In his free time, Evan enjoys riding his motorcycle in the woods, going for hikes, and visiting family in Greece, California, and Arizona.